It's not a family trait,
It's nothing that I ate,
And it didn't come from skating with Holy Rollers,

It's an early warning sign,
It keeps my life in line,
But it's so hard to define,
Never mind

It's just a spirit thing,
It's just a holy nudge,
It's like a circuit charge in the brain.
It's just a spirit thing,
It's here to guard my heart,
It's just a little hard to explain.
It pushes when I quit,
It smells a counterfeit,
Sometimes it works a bit like a teleprompter

When it's telepromting you,
I pray you'll let it through,
And I'll help you with the how,
But for now

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I took the long way,
Bent back down again,
Some things will never
Ever be explained.
No they can not be explained

[Chorus: x3]