There's your picture by the bed
I'm gonna leave it where it is
'cause if I tear it out tonight
My heart would know
But something ain't right
Between me and you.
I'm gonna lie here in the dark
And pretend you're in my arms
And if I can't keep on crying out your name
My heart would think you're here beside me
And things are still the same. My mind knows it's over
But how do I break it to my heart
If I let it down easy
It'd still be torn apart
And if I tell it the truth
Then the pain is gonna start
My mind knows it's over
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But how do I break it to my heart.
When I saw him by your side
I guess it opened up my eyes
And my ears can finally hear your soft goodbye
But my heart still says I'm loving you tonight
And for the rest of its life.