Yo, yo, what's up?
Oh, oh, oh
You know you got something I want
Are you ready, baby?

It's only been a day
And I ain't trying to wait
No more (Ooh na na)
'Cause I'm going to show you thangs
That you ain't never seen before
Girl, I know a place where
We can go for love

Girl, it's right here
And it's right here
And I won't be long
Before I lay it down
Say ooh na na na
I want your ooh na na na
'Cause I'm gone get if you with it
'Cause I'm ready for that
Ooh na na na
Yo na na oh
Baby, 'cause I want it
And when you bring it here
I'm jumpin' on it
Girl, I'm only into pleasing tonight
You ain't gotta ask for nothing
Just as long as you can keep it comin'
You got it, girl, I can't wait
To taste your hypnotic
Girl, I wanna make a baby tonight
You gotta ask for nothing
Girl, as long as you can take it
I'm keep it comin'

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Baby, don't be scared
I'm gon' take my time with you
You can saddle up
I'll do this Rodeo
With you, it ain't all about them
Whips; it ain't about them cuffs
It's all about me pulling your hair
Just like a lonely bud