I am woman hear me roar
When I grab the mic it's never a bore
When I'm on stage sayin' a rhyme
I often wonder what ya think of mine
Is it fresh or weak or is it live or dead?
Yo it's got ta be somethin' if you're boppin' your head
To the beat can I get an amen brother?
Liked that rhyme? Well here goes another

(Hold up hold up hold up. Check it out. Before we go any further we
gotta announce who we are. I am DJ K-Rock and this is my homegirl, MC
Lyte. Kick it for 'em

We had to pause for station identification
Now ya know my name here's some more information
Well, let's see, what you want to know about me?
MC L-why-T-E
(The Queen) Nah, that's too corny
(The Sexy) Nah, that gets the guys too horny
(The Best) Now that sounds conceited
But what is true is true, so it has to be repeated
The best is Lyte, when I'm on the mic
And MC's look straight ahead 'cause this pitch'll make your neck tired And I say loosen up and relax
The fiction you been livin' I'm a fill with facts
Right now

(MC Lyte, DJ K-Rock. Name of the group is Me and My DJ. Kickin' it
live in '88. Do it)

I am woman, hear me roar
Comin' out fresher and flyer than I did before
That's right, I'm well respected
Don't get stupid, I'm well protected
If ya want to battle I'm well prepared
Me and K-Rock are far from scared, you know what
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We're brave, livin' in a cave of gold
Waitin' for the misbehaved to get bold
But as I look around so far so good
MC's behaving just like they should
Hands are folded, no whispering or passing notes
All attention to me ya have to devote
I'm like a teacher, but then again not quite
'Cause a teacher's salary I'm makin' a night
On the mic rhymes witty and bright
Maybe that's why the name is Lyte
Yo, bust it, I'm a end it right here
DJ K-Rock, you end it over there