I don't stop breathin' every time the phone rings
My heart don't race when someone's at my door
I've almost given up thinkin' you're ever gonna call
I don't believe in magic anymore
I just don't lie awake at night,
Askin' God to get you off my mind

It's gettin' better all the time,
It's gettin' better all the time

Yeah, I got to work on time again this mornin'
This old job is all that I got a left
And no one even noticed I'd been cryin'
But, at least I don't have whiskey on my breath
Yeah, I think I'm gonna make it
'Cause God won't make a mountain I can't climb

God, I hope you're happy
Girl, I wish you well
I just might get over you
You can't ever tell

I always thought that I'd do somethin' crazy
If I ever saw you out with someone else
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But when the moment came last night,
I couldn't say a word
I stood there in the dark hall by myself
Yeah, I could have said a million things
But all I did was keep it locked inside


It's gettin' better all the time