Empower your servants, there will be anarchy
All evil will rise and Gomorrah will be here
Burn the holy book, the book of tales and myths
There is a new power to be risen on our planet

Ashes will cover all false believes And hope will be the new destiny
This will be when we will have strength
This will be when we will overcome Set free the legions dominating species
For a new planet earth and a new world order I destroy your believes
No gods - no masters I destroy your symbols No gods - No masters No gods - No masters
No gods - No masters When our mind is free from

(Religious) imagination and beliefs this world is going to be a better place.
Humanity uses symbols to hold on to lies and to justify their unworthy unrighteous behavior.
Terror is based on beliefs and false hope.
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War is based on books about tales and myths.

Freedom died when humanity started reading the holy books
And started creating symbols to justify their insecurity about things they can't explain.
We have to overcome this urge and accept that we can not know everything.
They should fear the revenge and not hope for forgivingness.