Me and my girls hangin' out tonight
We decide we gonna step in line for the club, to see what's up
Didn't know if we was getting in
No ID, we don't got anything to show, oh no

Oh my God! Tell me what do I see
A hunny right in front of me and he's clockin' me
He steps through. I hope that I would too
Then the bouncer takes one look at me "what are you fifteen?"

You know you had me spinnin'
Right from the beginnin'
When you put dat record on
You know I'm bouts to get my groove on And I can't even imagine
If this thing didn't happen
The night is just beginnin'
And I'm already spinnin'

I tell the bouncer "I'm herre all the time"
Didn't believe me, said he heard that line before, and many more.
I try to tell that I'm 21 (nuh, uh girl)
Come on man "I just look real young" Cuh huh.
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I say "please you gots to be to cool with me"
Then he smiled and said "okay, alright but just for tonight"
I step inside. And right there before my eyes
He's in the DJ booth with headphones on,
And he's playing my song, Oh my God!

Got me spinnin' right round like a record baby!