(Clarence Gibson)

Well you think you got troubles
Man listen to me
I'll tell you a story as it happened you see

I got four little kids a-waiting at home
My wife done packed her bags and gone
She done moved on across the tracks
And I know that girl ain't a-coming back

I got troubles
Troubles on my mind
Well I got troubles, hey those lonesome kind

Every morning Å?bout 8 o'clock
The kids start crying and they holler ³Pop,
Where's my mama? Where's she gone?
And when's my mama gonna come back home?²

My little girl is only three
I picked her up and set her on my knee
Try to soothe her crying but she cries too hard
And the crying, oh daddy, well, oh Lord


I know my baby's too young to talk
I sit and watch her try to walk
She's turning around, watching the door
And a big teardrop done hit the floor


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Well I told you a story as it happened to me
Just the way that it happened you see
You got a good gal don't you do her no wrong
She'll pack her trunk and then be gone

Then you'll have troubles
Troubles on your mind