I know your Daddy hates me and I got a room in hell reserved
I know he wants to kill me and it's the least that I deserve
But I always loved your Daddy, that's something that I know you know
Just sometimes don't do what I ought to, sometimes I yes when I should no

I know your Daddy hates me and I drink more than a whale
But my failures ain't for lack of trying it's just a little too late now to prevail
You always knew I was a screw up, long before I screwed us up You just said it endeared you to me, but in the end you just gave up

And I always loved your Daddy, I loved your Mama even more
And I always loved their daughter, that's for sure

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I know your Daddy hates me, I know I'd probably hate me too
But, I also know you don't hate me, even though you'd probably like to and ought to
And it's a little too late for writing love songs, but I never did anything on time
Happiness on your big adventure
See you darling down the line