Let me tell ya
Where I come from its bix and gravy not champagne, caviar
Got pickup trucks ain't no mercedes, that's who we are,
Oh Yeah wouldn't change a thing.
I ain't no saint, sometimes a sinner and I can't tell you why,
But I get up every mornin' and thank the man above
Oh, my life is good (lemme tell ya how good)

[Chorus] Like my women hot and my beer ice cold, real fast car and my whiskey old,
I can slow drive down an old dirt road that's how I like it
I can turn my music way up loud, ain't nothin better than the sound of a crowd,
American flag it makes me proud, that's how I like it

Listen now, ain't no cell phone towers, you won't catch me online,
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Workin with my hands for hours, that's how I spend my time,
I won't stand in line for coffee it ain't my cup of tea,
Out here in the country we got everything we need oh

[Chorus: x2]