Breathe it in, breathe it out
Flying high ain't no doubt
I take it to the head yo love
On a ride, in the clouds
Feeling good won't come down
I take it to the head yo love

Stepped in the room I saw you
Instantly knew I had to
Present my game and keep it cool
Wanted so much to kiss you
To let you know I miss you
I just laid back and let you move

Fronting like you don't want me
Acting like you don't need me
But it's okay that's just your way There's a physical attraction
Cause a chemical reaction
So come on boy

The time is right for romance
And I want you for my man
I know you want me for your girl
Baby I know you're willing
So let's not fight the feeling
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Give it to me and rock my world

Don't have to feel you
Just when I'm near
Where are you at
Get a contact
Got my head spinning
I'm in a whirlwind of your love
And it's got me all choked up