I can remember what you told me yesterday
You said you're leaving me, I'm mad, but please don't stay
I forgot the way you looked when I told you I was hooked on you
Well, it was a lie
I am not the one that makes you sad, it's not my style

Can you recall how many times I didn't say
Want to shoot a second, but you never listen
What could it be, it was supposed to be this way.
You can't read between the lines
Are you stupid or just blind, cause I'm already gone
I don't need this anymore, I feel better than before So long

You can make me cry
Can you make me smile one more time
And I'll be satisfied
A million lies
Do you know you make me feel alright
You make me feel alright
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I'm fine, I've got it all behind me
Breaking up is easy when it's done
I don't mind if this is what it takes
Cause I feel fine, yeah
I feel fine