I meet people every day
That talk the same and think the same
Just like scorpions on sidewalks
Aiming venom for the vein
All the stupid fucks
At least I see, the promise
In their eyes, what's yours is mine

Relax, don't bend or break, just wait in line

Discovering the light
In the darkest things you see
I worry 'bout the world
And what you think about me
Asking for a sign
But what is there to say
Forget about what's right
And go my way
There's liberty inside your mind
I taste it when we kiss
And we have everything we need, except
The everything we miss
And it was beautiful, but now I know
That it can be again, someone has to try

Relax, don't bend or break, just wait in line


Still afraid of what comes after
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So stay awake, awake
I am conscious is this
Everything we did it for
Never thought we'd get this far
So afraid we'll leave it all behind, now I'm

[Chorus: x2]

Go my way
Won't you go my way
Go my way