Way Back home where the cypress grew
In a clapboard shack on the black bayou
Live a woman and a man that I call Mom and Dad
And Times were hard and times were tough
We barely had nothing' but we didn't need much
Except for the love of a woman and a man

Daddy worked his fingers to the bone
But I know my momma was the reason he was strong

Everybody knows if the cold wind blows
The seeds don't sprout and the crops won't grow
Even though you've done the best you can

And when you're living in a house that you don't own And the money in the bank is almost gone
The only thing in life I know that stands
Is the love between a woman and a man

Well, I grew up working like my daddy did
Broke the land with my hands and the money rolled in
But it wasn't enough and I did not understand
You see, the only thing that matters money can't buy
And when it gets down the bottom line
It's the love you find between a woman and a man
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Everything Daddy said to me was true
Cause my life was not complete until I found you

[Chorus: x2]

Only thing in life that stands
Is the love between a woman and a man