hat's left and who's to blame? And what's more, do you feel no shame? Sold out, betrayed a friend I never knew that this is how it could end. Some choices can be hard to make, was what we had so easy to fore sake? A man must do what he must do Do what's right, or do what's better for you? It wasn't so easy for me to forget I've taken this day by day now its time to Just walk away (4X) All the pieces have begun to fit, I realize now, you're a piece of shit. It doesn't matter who you treat like dirt It doesn't matter who you have to hurt. I'll never put aside what I've learned Wont be disillusioned cuz I've been burned. I will emerge a better, smarter man,, knowing now, that I ruined your plan. I walk away, without shame (2X) I walk away without shame, because you're the one to blame. You thought we'd still be friends, Thats your mistake again.