Just a rainy day here in my usual place
Where no one hears me
Been pulled off course again down by the water
So I can feel free
Feel so alive, now I'm here in my safety net
You know, it's like she calls me

Playin' with my life again
Just playin' with my time again

I've taken time with you and I've crossed lines for you
Won't take this anymore
You gave my strength away, now you want me to try And stay here just for you
But I feel so alive when I'm down by the water
You know, it's like she needs me

Messin' with my mind again
Just messin' with my mind again

Another lazy day back in my usual place
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Where no one knows me
Been pulled off course again, stick with the water
Where I can feel free
She gives me strength and she gives me space
You know, it's like she loves me

She's lovin' me again
She's lovin', she's lovin' me again