Politically correct and mentally erect I'm doing
Everything I can to conserve the best But life ain't nothin' but a bowl a
Grits and this United States proud crap makes me sick People tell me
Go make a name for yourself cause that's the only way you're gonna
Get outta this hell I'm gonna try and try and try and do all that I can But I'll never understand it's guaranteed I'm making minimum wage I
Can't survive this day and age, Home of the free land of the brave, it's
Guaranteed I'm making minimum wage I'll take a work strike over a
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Tax hike any day of the year and I don't care about anything as long as
Those striking ain't bottling beer Give me a gun let's go get the XXX he
Wouldn't mind he's protected by the aliens I've got a green man in my
Backyard This time the government has gone too far