Seems as long as I've been knowing you
Something has bound us kept us as two
You for me and me for you tried and true
But what we need now is anchor and chain
I get the feelin' we're drifting away
Clouds collecting on horizon again
Oh o oh it looks like rain baby

You be the dam , I'll be the water
Hold back the tide
Just a little bit longer
We gotta make a stand
Gotta get stronger
Pullin' at you
Tuggin' at me baby

You be the dam, I'll be the water Woke up floatin' like a dove on the gulf stream
Makin' love in the afternoon can ease any pain
We find the deepest part of our hearts
What good are we right now if we don't even try
Wrap it up pack it in say our sweet goodbye
Whatcha gonna do pretty baby when the well runs dry
Whoa o oh we'll pray for rain baby


One heart beat at a time
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After stormy weather
The sun's gonna shine
Gonna keep our lovin' alive
We can survive baby


You be the dam, I'll be the water
You be the dam, I'll be the water