Woman a scream and a boogie down pon di dance floor
A ask di selector fi more
Compulsory mek yuh hear a shot bus' fi sure
Because di place full up a hardcore
Man and woman have fun although wi poor
'nough mouth get fed and gun haffi store
How di hell yuh fi waan' only mek noise
When a music mek 'nough skull nuh bore

Ask them!
Have you ever tek a tracks dung a Brayton
Fi hear Classics sound a boogie down?
Di same people politics operate music mek dem all gather round
Well, yuh nuh si this dancehall business gone to zero
Every champion sound ina di business tun disco Yuh nuh have nuh more King champion sound outta road
Weh a play weh fi bus nuh more hero
How some guys wonder how yuh hear bout Johnny Ringo?
A from Gemini and di Great Volcano
King Jammy's, King Tubby's, and Heat Wave,
Dem deh sound come bout as dancehall hero but


Well hey
Mi nah watch no face
Find more lyrics on
I will turn down di bass
But music haffi ina di place yes
Poor people get vex
'Cause wi done mark wi X
No music, no election nuh flex
This is di way Government respond
After reggae music just tek over France
Poor people media and food for substance
Check Sunsplash for instance .but