Certain things I love,
Spend my time
I guess I'll have to unhook those hooks
This woman literally

Felt she had a hook in her head
Rip it up Live it down
Make it big
Keep it clean

Shake it off
Take him off
Take it off
Do him good

Keep it up
Shake it off
He's a fucking drag, But if you don't then you watch him go

If you can you see it home,
You be strong
And when you die it's a shame
But you old life stays the same

She has a hook in her head
I saw this lady close her eyes
The bottle slipped between her fingers
And slid along the aisle
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If I were a man I'd have a gun,
But I'm so bone tired
I'm so bone tired, I'm old
I watch the snow make slow time

I watch the snow cover up the bottle
So I can slip between
I will read the label from underneath
I wear the circle in my sleep