I've got a secret I've never told; it's kind of nasty
And kinda bold; it's all about you and I doing our thing
And getting freaky alright, (sang)
I really want to touch ya and lay you down
Massage your body down to the ground
I'll take my time; I'll go real slow
Just tell me, baby, where you want me to go

I've got a secret
A secret about you
And it's all about the freaky things
That we're gonna do There ain't nothing that can keep me from you
'Cause when we're through I'll know it's true
You like the thing that I do

I always see you inside my dreams
We've got the lights down; we're doing things
You kiss me here; I kiss you there
It's time to get down, and get freaky everywhere
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So, baby, don't be shy, it's only me
We'll have a real good time doing our thang
I know you'll like the way I feel
So come on, baby, let's just get with the feel

[Chorus x 2]

And it's all about the freaky things we're gonna do