Yo, ever since Jimmy Crack Con
Rockin' on ever since the day I was born
Yes we get busy whenever we have to perform
Shaking your tooshie making your pussy get warm
Ha ha ha until all you niggas is gone
I be hittin' until the morning got you callin' my storm
Bounce my niggas, bounce my bitches (Bounce baby!)
With the shit that do really have all you niggas going crazy
Suffer from head rushes while niggas be smoking dutches
Bitches be gettin' all in and they rippin' they pants crutches
Wiggle they belly buttons
Ay, wait a minute I wanna get all in it
Long as my shorty with it
You know I'm comin' to get it
Doin' it to you makin' you really wonder who said it
Swelling your melon while you yellin'
Now check out the credit
Giving it to you makin' you gimme back more
(Coming through too!)
Yes and we be kickin' down your door
Keepin' it raw my nigga

All my bitches right in the front sayin' "Aahh"
All my bitches way in the rear sayin' "Aahh"
Party is goin' on over here (Say what?)
Party is goin' on over here (Say what?) All my niggas right in the front sayin' "Ho!"
All my niggas right in the rear sayin' "Ho!"
The party is goin' on over here (Say what?)
Party is goin' on over here (Say what?)
All my people up in the place sayin' "Ho!"

Let me just hear you some more
Tell me what you lookin' for
Told all of y'all already I ain't gonna tell you no more
Hittin' you off makin' you niggas blast off!
With some shit that'll be tearing your ass off
Keppin' it comin', keepin' it movin', keepin' you wylin'
We gettin' this paper let's keep the cheddar stacking and piling
And now we happy and smiling cause now we living good
Doin' it is how we be movin' it in the hood
Wishing you could fuck around with me and my niggas
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How we double and wyle
And double our bitches double our figures
Turnin' you out
Run from my niggas (No doubt!)
Keepin' it blazing make all my bitches all shout
Then I hit with the new make you take off your see-through
While you peekin' around the corner baby I see you!
Tell me what you gon' do
I'm sayin' now I'm gon' have you wylin' until your ass drop
Hit me off, yes now let me take it to the top
We never stop my nigga