What you think doesn't fucking matter to me
I like my life, run by me how it's gonna be
I might decide to change my ways or
I might decide to ruin your day

Ok, I figured it out, two people and one chair
that's what this life is all about
Your life is just a single day,
wake up and go to work, your death your escape

My life, it's all I have, it's something we share, and we die Wondering if and why, no I don't care
What you think you saw, you didn't see,
And what you want to be, you're never gonna be

My life is not gonna be that way, when I die I'll smile, cause I did it my way
Take a run here's your chance come and get me, I've been beaten
But you'll never beat me, had your chance now it's gone, and it's up to me
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I understand you, do you understand me?

Understand one damn thing, it's my life, my way, my life, it's all I have
It's something we share, wondering if and why no I don't care
Wasting away wondering if you will die tonight,
I won't waste one day of my life