The time has come, I've just begun, this is designer rum
My wallet got flowers on it, kill it cowards
From the land, the stolen land, where gold chains control a man
Three hundred holding hands, stolen grams
I play the phantom, waving,
Leave that nigga for dead, or should I save him
Spitting out phlegm, no, just grave them
I remember days, I used work for niggas, eat jerk with niggas
Buying whip, is laughing and joking, trying to flip
Clip is loyal, fly spoil on the block, display royal
Even though we go back to royals, black oils
Live as ever, can't tell me nothing, whatever
This thing of ours, is empowered by my niggas who pumping
Twenty four hours of slang motion, wave brush
Ya knew my hair was the ocean, running through the building
Just negation, some of the creeps Knew me very well, knew he would sell, knew he was potent

OK, bridges I burn some, lessons I learn some
Money, I spent some, lent some, earn some
My eyes tell it, tell her the hell I return from
Spark up an L from the homeys I haven't heard from
Burn when the herbs come, I'm living large
Never chilling on the curb, just a villain on the verge, son
My tenth shot is as efficient as the third one
Second one, first one, worse come to worse run
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When I was pushed out the womb, the Earth spun
The only way to describe this is inertia
Some rappers think they can try me, who the first up?
I don't guarantee no survivors, niggas, surf's up
Yeah, soul on ice, courage is sacrifice
Hold on tight, and save your laughter for the afterlife
These chumps thinking they good, ain't even half as nice
Your fate'll be a one way ticket to paradise, what?