[Featuring Black Attack]

What? "I represent no question"

"Entire life's a record" Redman from Dat's My Word

Yo I get hooknotic (what?) I catch that prey on they victims

Big black I hi tech shit like radar systems

Unsecessfully they try to get rid of me

Shit on me you must be kdding me

Thinkin' I'm a let that float (never) so it's time I severly touch


track up

Back up cousin I'm about to twist this next sack up

For real tho' I bang like steel toed tims

Watch where you park at my man might steal your rims

We in the dark at all time of the night steady cheefin'

Rollin' with the illest of niggas so stop beefin'

Occassionly (what?) you might find me blazin'

The rawest of MC's to spice you like Cajaun

Flow straight nasty like stank vagina

And I keep my shit pumpin' from Chile to China

Rewind it one time let me kick one more rhyme

One more time roll one more dime


We keep it tight right plus we keep it poppin'

On top of that we hip hoppin' and don't stoppin'

"I represent no question" "Entire life's a record"

I'm cross country like Sony triple like Tony

Get nasty like bologny, Ginuwine so ride the Pony

Uncomparable, noncompatable to your whole shit

You got it how can you tell to go get?

Cause lyrically I'll twist your shit back

Without no hesitation or the slightest bit of procrastination
I'll blast the nation on some Black Attack shit

What nigga don't try and stop me

You need to hit up your local record shop and cop this bit

I know you're sick of those nonsense cat's kickin' wack raps

Talkin' about traps it's time to face the facts

Perhaps you're trying to get doe like Suge Knight

All the real niggas represent your hood right


Yo we keep it on some hip hop don't stop

I pops the cherry

Added a new edition to my shit so you don't have to worry

Toss rhyme flurries

Hot to Def like Keith Murray

I'll bury your words and crush your thoughts in a hurry

Mutilate your mental have your whole style up

First A and be reach your card out then I pull your file out

Stay on top of my game

Moves be stratigic

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Battlin' don't fuck around I'll leave you paraplegic

I mean it I give props to those who climb poetically

Not those who take it personal when I'm speakin' hypothetically

I'm just reppin', flowin' steadily

Unforgetable like Natalie

Son switch up so incredibly

So my joints be the total oppostie of gun clappin'

Just blunts and rappin'

Beat box and finger snappin'

Who put the DAT in?

I let my nigga DJ Honda cut it up live

Spark up the lye