Often things in life don´t make sense

It´s when the timing is right things can happen

And I feel that my clock is tickin´

So if you want to get with me you better start thinkin´

How I want to be loved by you baby

How I want to feel your sweet love for real

Cause I´m the bomb and soon I´ll explode

Do you know which buttons to push do you know my code

Cause if you do I´m gonna take our destiny

And turn it into freaky reality

[That´s how]

How I know, well it´s my female intuition

And something tells me that it´s time for some action

Cause I´ve been waiting so long for the right moment

to let you know That my desire is too strong to let you go



You know it´s all about timing

That rules everything
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And tonight the time is right it is our night tonight

Take your time don´t let me stop you

Do what you want to do

As long as, as long as you will affect me

with the things you do

Tonight´s the night the time is right it is our time tonight