You cool your bed-warm hands down
On the broken radiator,
And when you laid them freezing on me,
I mumble can you wake me later.
But I don't really want you to stop,
And you know it so it doesn't stop you,
And run your hands from my neck to my chest.

Crack the shutters open wide I want to bathe you in the light of day, And just watch you as the rays tangle up around your face and body.
I could sit for hours finding new ways to be awed each minute,
Cause the daylight seems to want you just as much as I want you.

It's been minutes it's been days.
It's been all I will remember,
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Happy lost in your hair
And the cold side of the pillow.
Your hills and valleys,
Are mapped by my intrepid fingers,
And in a naked slumber, I dream of this again.

[Chorus:Repeat x2]