Yea... feel what you like...

I can't pretend I don't want you, no
Oh, cause you be down for yo woman, yea
Until the end, I write for ya
But ya never hear, I'm always alone, all the few years, baby I need more time on us
You be trappin' grindin' for us, and I know this
But I be missin' you so very much but don't show it...

I don't show it, I, I don't show it, but I really wanna hold you in my arms
But you always seem so far, and you always on yo grind
Don't wanna stress you more than you already are
Sometimes we kick it, checkin' your phone, I almost feel like we ain't alone...
Not tryna start an argument, but I had to say it, I'm just tryna sit and make it betta...

Hu, you told me, hu hu you told me
Once you gotcha money rite then we would chill
I prayed at all I will you know something gotta give
To be specific, words are strong, broken promises, takin' a tole
Without the money I'll do fine, but with you I can't deny
Boy can you just come and make it rite...

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Beat plays...


More time on us... oh baby...
I be missin' you