Hello, heart, well, I'm glad you came a knockin'
Oh, I can see that pretty little honey's got you back a rockin'
Well, ain't you somethin', now, you got me a jumpin'
Oh, where you been? Good to see you again, hello, heart

Well, I know it's been a long time since the huggin' and a kissin'
And I'd nearly forgot just what we'd been a missin'
Now, it's good to be together, oh, it never felt better
You gave me a scare I thought you were gone forever, hello, heart
You say, you did a lotta hurtin' and you took a lotta achin'
But you never told me, how close you came to breakin'
Now, it's time for some healin', she knows how we're feelin'
Her lovin' is enough to give us both what we're needin'

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Hello, heart
Oh, where you been?
Good to see you again
Hello, heart