In the days of Noah before the Lord,
When the wicked had all forgotten God
Brother Noah, built a boat, which above
God's wrath did float

And the people saw that they were made of mud
As the doors swang open and gang plank standing out.
Noah and his family entered with a shout.
As the scorners stretched their necks,

Noah stepped out on the deck
Saying, I'm so glad I'm on the inside looking out.

Oh I'd rather be on the inside looking out
Than to be on the outside looking in
When the rain began to fall, sinners on the Lord did call
The door was shut and night was setting in.
Then old Noah from the window looking out
Gazed to heaven beyond the water spout.
And he said I thank the Lord that I took Him
at His word.
I'm so glad I'm on the inside looking out.

Good old Daniel lived in Babylon long ago
And he had the grace to tell the devil no.
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Though he prayed three times a day in the
Good old fashioned way.

They said he, to the lions den must go.
And lions made him welcomed to their home
For they knew he was nothing but backbone
When the king looked in and said, "Are you

Alive or are you dead?"
He was stirred as Daniel spoke in gentle tones.