Strung out

When we started out
It was fun, so cool
Nothing really heavy
Just a little after school

We were chasing dreams
And living for the day
Live was for the taking
It was such a simple game

I don't know when
And I don't know why
Suddenly I lost you
And a part of you had died

You've gone and taking it to far
I don't recognize who you are, you're

Strung out
You're wasting all our love away
I'm running out of words to say
Is there nothing getting through
'Cause I can barely see you
Strung out
Believing that there's nothing wrong
With everything the pain goes on
Tell me what they gonna say
When you shut yourself away
It's a long way down
When you're flying high
No one's gonna catch you
When you've told too many lies

It's hard for me
I'm not that brave
Please God help me now
While there's something left to say

My premonitions are coming true
Just tell me babe, what you are trying to prove?
You're hurting me, breaking me
You still forsaking me
Why can't you see? You're


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Oooooh, yeah
You're strung out, baby
Yes you are
Strung out, yeah

Flowers on the grave
I'm calling your name
Ashes in the rain

Uh, flowers on the grave
I'm calling your name, baby
Ashes in the rain
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus x2]