Who can make you mad
When your having a blast
I can, I can

And who can pick you up
When you feeling like you suck
I can, I can

And who knows what you think
About your silly little thing
I do, I do

Who had you figured out
And never had a doubt
I did, I did

Haven't you heard?
I'm Supergirl
You don't want to mess with me
I got your back
I know your every move
And I got everything you'll ever need
I can make you hang
On every single word
Like this, like this

It could be my vibe
Maybe its my mind
Could be my kiss, could be my kiss

But when I'm around you
There's nothing I can do
I'm at my best, I'm at my best

Well maybe I'm so good
Cause your standing in the room
You wish, you wish.
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I'll take your headache away
If you want another day
I'll be the reason that you live
I'll show you what you always miss

[Chorus: x2]

I got everything