There's a drawback in living for
The moment, in loving life too much
Every time you're lost in love
You wonder when the love will stop

I'm lost in love

There's a price to pay if you
Want to enjoy the present time
To be that thankful demands that you
Are always carrying death in mind

Death is around

There's a point to put off some things
And save them for a rainy day
Only those about to die
Are acting in a perfect way
Who wants to die

There's an answer to why you can
So rarely take in what you see
The pleasure is followed by
A fear you want to avoid to feel

I'm so lost in love

There's a freedom in making plans
To think about a future and
There's a comfort in being sure
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That it'll be long before the end

I'm not making plans

There's a reason to why so many
Only get one little chance
If the song was sung forever
No one'd ever stop to dance