[Verse 1:]
I don`t want to love you
At least not the way you`re thinking
I don`t want to climb the stairs up to your room
`Cause up there in the darkness
The love that we`d reach for
Would disappear at dawn with the fading moon

And in the light of love
You`ll see how long it takes for love to be
In the light of love
I`ll wait to have you and you`ll wait to have me
[Verse 2:]
I have lonely sunsets
Where my heart sinks into dusk
And I want someone to hold me through the night
I know that you are willing
But if it`s not forever
I just can`t walk away from what is right
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[Repeat Chorus]
And He makes it shine down from above
For man and wife to share His love

[Repeat Chorus]